Achieve Anything: Unlocking Success in Your Small Business

entrepreneurship small business Feb 12, 2024

So, what was the big question everybody asked us when we were kids? What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, do you know the answer to that yet? Do you know why you started your small business? Did you ask those questions or did you just happen to fall into your lap? And it could be either. It really could be. To anybody other than you. So why did you start your small business? Did you all of a sudden realize, oh wait, I now am a small business owner because I've been doing work for other people and getting paid for it? Well, what I want to talk about today is for those of you that are in that transition, those of you that have never even really thought about it.

The Transition to Small Business Ownership

Or maybe you're just being sucked into the gloom of the realization that you are now a small business owner. And that gloom is. It's like, oh my goodness, all of this weight is coming down. All of this weight is coming down on me and I don't know what to do. Well, here's the good news. You can achieve anything. I firmly believe that if you put your mindset in the right spot and you put your energy in the right spot and you focus, anything is achievable. Some people can argue back and be like, well, you're not going to get deployed to an MBA. No, I didn't set out to set a goal to be in the NBA when I was a kid. But had I done that I could have done it. Had you done that you could have done it. Am I going to be an NBA player now? No. Anything is achievable if you set your mind to it. And it becomes inside of. But I want you to focus on anything achievable in your small business. In your business that you own. But you're watching this content because you think so. Did you not think what is actually happening is your business owns you? You're just working a job. It just happens to be on your terms, which is the hardest type because you don't have anybody to hold yourself accountable to accept yourself.

Setting Yourself up for Success

And I got to tell you right now, I think that there's some big revelations coming down, that thought process. It's a big idea that I've had today. That I'll elaborate on in future videos, but right now I want to just come into anything you set your mind to in business is achievable. But you have to put the work in. You want to grow your business? Great. You want to hire people, good people that want to stay great. What's the mindset shift we've got to get into. And how do you set yourself up for success? A little bit of self-pitching. Good. Getting a coach. Whether that coach has me or that coach is somebody else hiring a business coach to help you in the areas where you need help. Where they can hold you and help hold you accountable is one of the big ways that you can be able to make the next step forward in your business.

Identifying the Areas of Improvement

How do you move forward in finding the right coach for you? Because, like I said, that coach, maybe that coach is me, maybe you like my personality. You get to see my personality on this channel. You have an advantage. At least when it comes down to myself. However, maybe I'm not the right fit. Maybe you need a different coach to be able to help you get towards what you want to achieve in your business. And is that achievement around financial metrics? Is it around people? Products? Or services? You know, the stuff you sell. Is it road administration? What part of it is it? Is it around marketing sales? What part of the business do you need help with? Where do you struggle? What just drives you crazy? What do you procrastinate on? That's a good one. It's a good question to ask yourself. Because if you procrastinate on it, chances are you're not good at it. Because if you were good at it and you like to do it, you wouldn't procrastinate on it. You would just get the work done. And so is that a gap that you need to fill?

Finding the Right Coach

Is it in finance? Maybe you need to find a good coach that is more specialized or tailored to the accounting piece of your business. That's going to help you coach you and guide you through proper accounting, whether you're running cash basis or accrual basis in business. And maybe it's hiring, maybe it's the HR side and maybe it's how to take care and treat people right. But still be within the law because there are so many unique laws in every state. I read a handbook here recently for another company. And there were like 17 addendums. Because they do work across the entire US. And every state had to have its own addendum to the handbook. It was crazy. So is it that side that you need help in or coaching? Is it marketing? Is it sales? Do you need more leads or do you need to close deals? Because you have so many leads coming in, but you're not closing deals. Is it metrics around the whole thing? How do you produce your product faster? Maybe you're in an actual physical product business or a fit. And when I say physical product, that also could be a digital product. I mean a product that has something to it, and that something could be 10 million lines of code. But it's something that is for sale or purchase. Is it a service or are you providing a service? Like my biz coaching business is a service. You're providing, I'm providing a service to you, and you're paying me for my time.

Wrap It Up

So what areas do you think you need coaching in? And if you don't know, I have a free resource that can help you identify it. And if you go check out, scroll all the way to the bottom, and hit take my free assessment. It is completely free. You can go take it and it will help you identify what areas of the six main drivers of a business that you need assistance in. And so I'm going to leave you with that for today's video. Anything is achievable with the right mindset, understanding where you need to fill the gap. And if you're willing to put the time and effort, effort equals energy, the time and energy into getting it done. Until next time.



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